Some Advice On Antifreeze

Even though we haven’t seen much snow this winter we’ve seen some cold temperatures. So it’s important that the antifreeze in your car be mixed correctly. So who better to ask than The Car Talk guys to get the absolute gospel about all things antifreeze. For most areas you’ll need a 50/50 mix of coolant to water. Don’t be tempted to try 100% because it will freeze, it won’t transfer heat away from and may even harm your engine. Here’s a little diagram to help: Protection Freeze-up Protection Boilover Protection Corrosion Protection Minimum 50% anti-freeze 50% Water -34ºF +265ºF Exceeds all ASTM and SAE standards for corrosion protection Maximum 70% anti-freeze 30% Water -84ºF +276ºF If you’re unsure about the existing mixture of coolant there’s a handy little device that you can buy from an auto parts store. It sucks up a little bit of coolant from the radiator o ... read more

Can The Gasoline In Your Car Freeze?

On January 23, 1971 the town of Prospect Creek recorded Alaska’s and the United States’ coldest temperature of 79.8 below zero. So far it’s the lowest recorded temperature anywhere in the country. Which means things were probably running pretty slow from the faucets to the citizens. But what about the cars? Granted back then the quality of engines and the quality of coolant wasn’t up to modern standards but suppose that temperature was recorded today. Would the gas in your car freeze? Here’s some science for you from the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Gasoline doesn’t really have just one freezing temperature, and in fact, gasoline isn’t made out of just one kind of molecule, but many different hydrocarbons. If you get it cold enough, it will get pretty hard. Freezing is a phase change, i ... read more

Tips To Keep Your Car Battery Longer

“How long should the battery in my car last?” That’s a question we get asked a lot. The average car battery can last between 3-5 years, but the actual life of your battery depends on several factors. The quality of the battery when first purchased. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but don’t be cheap about it. How well you maintain it. Battery maintenance goes a long way toward longer life. Include your battery on your checklist whenever you take your car in for routine check ups. Don’t forget the cables and terminals and keep them clean. The weather. Check the top of your battery to see the temperature specifications. If you live in a cold climate make sure you purchase one intended for your area. Cold weather reduces the cranking power of your battery so an older battery will experience more issues in the winter than a new one. Car batteries can even freeze and explode so if y ... read more

How to determine when you need New Tires

While we realize that nobody enjoys spending their hard-earned cash on tires, it’s one of the critical functions of car care and car maintenance. While forking over some hard-earned dough for tires may be difficult, it’s well worth the alternative of having an accident, hydroplaning, or getting a flat tire because of poor tire maintenance. While just about every driver knows that tires must be cared for (like aired up and all…) many don’t know the signs of tire wear, and when they’re in need of replacement. So here are some helpful, easy tests, for knowing when your tires need replaced. Test #1 – Test the steering. While it can be a slight difference, if your car is having a difficult time steering or navigating the roads, it might be an indication that your tires need replaced – or at least balanced. Test #2 – Are you Hydroplaning? One of the number one purposes of car tires is to (yes keep th ... read more

Coolant Service at Sallas Auto Repair

Our cars have to operate in a wide range of Kansas City, MO temperatures and our engine coolant must be able to perform ‘no matter what’. Think for a moment about the environment where the coolant works. Very hot, high pressure, corrosive… And all the while, it has to protect the components of the cooling system from corrosion. These components are made from steel and aluminum, plastics and rubber. The coolant has to be formulated to protect against corrosion for all of these different materials. That’s why different manufacturers recommend different types of anti-freeze for our Kansas City, MO vehicles. There are several different ‘families’ of anti-freeze available to us here in Kansas City, MO. Your owners’ manual will tell you what kind you should use. Of course, Sallas Auto Repair will know what to put in your car. It’s important to stay on top of this because coolant system failure is the most common mechanical problem people have here in Kansas City, MO. Regular service at Sal ... read more

Drive Safely in the Heat This Summer

If you’re in Kansas City this summer, you are probably looking for ways to beat the heat! With temperatures reaching the 100′s this month, we’re all looking for some ways to cool down and find relief from the heat wave. While standing in the sun is practically unbearable, getting into a hot car and taking a long road trip in a warm car can feel even worse. BUT ~ so is having your car break down and needing emergency roadside service with the sun beating down on you and your car. If you’re planning on taking a road trip anytime throughout the rest of the summer, here are a few tips about how to beat the summer heat, and take caution in the sun, as you’re driving down the road: 1. Make sure to grab your cell phone and other emergency items. Most of us ALWAYS have our phones ~ but if you are like me ~ you forget it sometimes! Having your phone will get you quick help so that you don’t have to suffer in the sun in the event your car ... read more

Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Car

According to the Humane Society of the United States there are approximately 78.2 million owned dogs in the United States. That’s a lot of Fido’s hanging around, sleeping on our sofas, stealing food from the kitchen counters and generally making our lives better. And as vacation season is in full swing we naturally want to put our buddy in the car for a trip to the campground. Or even just a trip to the store for barbecue supplies. So if Sam is riding shotgun there are things you can do to keep him safe and sound. Keep your dog safe in the car. Sure they love to do it, but don’t let them hang their heads out of the window. It may be a traditional sign of warm weather but they can easily be injured by flying debris. Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents annually, according to a AAA report. That can be as simple as Buster Brown jumping into the front seat or as devastating as a flying dog out ... read more

What different air conditioner smells indicate

Normally as a car becomes older, mold, bacteria, fungi and other micro organisms begin to grow. This is especially true in areas rarely accessed such as the vents of the air conditioner and on the evaporate right behind the dashboard. As time passes, there is the gradual development of an unpleasant odor from the air conditioning unit which starts off light and grows to become very disgusting if not taken care of promptly. The best solution to this problem is to locate the drain tube of the car’s air conditioning system. Once you have identified it, start by checking it to make sure that it is working properly. Next, use anti-bacterial treatment to get rid of any bacteria that may have grown along the cooling system’s vent and behind the dash panel. Finish by injecting a little of the treatment solution into the air conditioners case. It is advised that you carry out the above steps when the air conditioner is turned off but with the fan on. This will help evaporate an ... read more

Becoming an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop

Triple A – one of the most well-known brands when it comes to automotive care and help. While many are familiar with the towing service, insurance and oval car decals for members, AAA also offers a great service to customers when it comes to finding a reliable auto repair shop. At Sallas Auto, we belong to the AAA Approved Auto Repair program, which approves auto repair facilities that meet the highest standards in vehicle repair, competency, reliability, cleanliness, overall experience and fair pricing. What does it take to get AAA approved? Only dedicated auto repair shops meet the AAA standards and become an Approved Auto Repair Shop. It’s a process that requires transparency and honesty while seeking the AAA “stamp of approval.” AAA Performs Surveys First, representatives from AAA visit the shop(s) and take a tour, and survey of the business. They ask the customers about their satisfaction through surveys, and look to see if they shop has a customer satisfaction of 94% or highe ... read more

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