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Don’t Ignore That “Check Engine” Light

You know you’ve done it: one day you’re driving around, minding your own business, and you realize your “Check Engine” light is on. But since you don’t hear any noises, see smoke, and your tire hasn’t fallen off you pretty much ignore it. Right? This isn’t uncommon. Most drivers react to a car problem when it actually becomes a problem. But the Check Engine light is there for a reason. Car MD tracks car repair reports and has compiled what they call a Vehicle Health Index. One of the things they track is the dreaded Check Engine light and they’ve broken down the most common causes. 9.34% : Replace O2 Sensor-the O2 sensor monitors the unburned oxygen in your exhaust and if the problem isn’t resolved it can lead to as much as a 40% reduction in gas mileage. 9.28%: Loose Fuel Cap-this is the pro ... read more

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance Records

When you get that shiny new car you may not be thinking of keeping good, detailed maintenance records. But at some point you’ll want to sell it to get another shiny new car and these records will go a long way toward getting the best price for sale or trade-in. And if you’re looking for a good used car asking for the owner’s record scan save you time and money. It’s not a hard job but it should be done well. A simple little notebook will do just fine or there are record books available just for this purpose. They’ll have dividers for specific records and may make it easier. Either way it should contain a number of items. Record your vehicles vital info such as make, model, insurance information and vehicle identification number or the VIN. Keep detailed info on gas mileage starting at purchase. A decrease in gas mileage will be a good indication of any emerging maintenance issues that you c ... read more

Car Tips: Taking Care of Windshield Wipers

Wiper blades are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. But in spite of this, many car owners pay little or no attention to these essential components and are unknowingly putting themselves at risk. If these devices aren’t functioning properly when there is snow, rain, or dirt on your windshield, your vision could be seriously obstructed, and that’s dangerous! Sallas Auto Repair wants our customers to stay safe, so next time you’re servicing your vehicle, remember to tend to your windshield wipers. Why Take Care of Wiper Blades? For you to have good vision while driving on the road, wiper blades have to be operating well. You should be able to navigate in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, or snow, but this is only possible if your wiper blades are well-kept and checked frequently. How to Maintain Wiper Blades 1. Check the Wipers First, make sure the arms of the wipers are as t ... read more

Check Engine Light – What they Mean & How to Fix Them

You know the feeling. You’re driving home in the rain. Maybe you just dropped off your kid at college, or you are returning from vacation. Another ten miles to go, that’s it. You are almost there when, suddenly, your car’s Check Engine light flickers on the dash. At Sallas Auto Repair, we know that sudden feeling of panic that strikes in this situation. Do you need to make an immediate trip to an auto shop? If you arm yourself with the facts about Check Engine lights, this doesn’t have to be a scary situation. Fortunately, we’ve got the scoop on what this engine light means and the telltale signs of when you need to visit a professional. What Does It Mean? This Check Engine light could be an indication of something small or it could mean trouble. The problem is, you just don’t know. Your Check Engine light is your car’s way of telling you it may need a visit to an auto shop. Something has gone wrong an ... read more

Risks Involved in Fixing Your Car’s Air Conditioner

An air conditioner has become a staple in most vehicles these days. Having a working air conditioner unit is especially important on hot summer days. These units contain some chemicals that are hazardous to the human body, though, so unless you are a trained auto technician, you should take extreme caution is attempting to fix your car’s air conditioner. What makes fixing your air conditioner potentially unsafe? Sallas Auto Repair has details about the hazards of trying to fix your own car air conditioner. Dangers of Fixing your Car Air Conditioner Coolant Hazards Freon gas is used inside of your car’s air conditioner unit to supply cool air via evaporation. This gas, much like many other fumes, may cause health problems, one being cardiac arrhythmia, if inhaled directly. This gas can also damage the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere. Repair Hazards Attempting to fix your o ... read more

Importance of Completing Windshield Repair Before Cold Weather

Windshield repair is of the utmost importance to complete before we transition into cold weather seasons. Why does it matter? Windshields not only protect cars from bad weather, but they also keep you and your passengers from being thrown in the event of a collision. Weather is a double-edged sword, because it is the reason we get windshields for our cars, yet it also remains one of the biggest threats to their stability. Despite this, windshield repair should still be at the top of your to-do list before the weather gets cold outside. Protect your Vehicle with Windshield Repair Avoid Stress When it is cold outside, the environment can bring additional stress to a windshield. If you expose your vehicle to the elements for long periods of time, this stress can increase, particularly if there are any small damaged areas. Caring for little problem areas before they become big safety issues is why window repair is so crucial. Fix Chips Whenever you find yourself doubti ... read more

Building Relationships: Why You Should Make Friends With Your Auto Repair Technician

Have you ever thought about your car as a friend? In some ways, all drivers have a relationship with their vehicles. Your vehicle takes you to and from work, keeps you dry and comfortable, and gives you a place for singing your heart out. Since your car is important to you, it seems natural that you want to trust the person that takes care of it. Your auto repair technician makes sure your tires are at the right pressure, changes your oil, and fixes the air conditioning. All in all, your auto repair technician keeps your car in good condition, so you can continue to drive around town (and give your best rendition of Beyonce’s hits). Since your auto repair technician has such an important job, why wouldn’t you want to form a good relationship with him or her? We formed a list of some simple ways to connect with your auto repair technician and form a good relationship with the person who ... read more

5 Signs That You Can Trust Your Auto Repair Company

Taking your car in for auto repair can be stressful. You’re afraid of the cost, and terrified that the shop will find additional auto repair projects that need immediate attention. However, some of that stress is alleviated when you know you can trust your auto repair shop. Here are 5 signs that you’ve found a reputable shop. How to Get Quality Auto Repair in Kansas City and Overland Park 1. Read the signs. A good auto repair shop has earned recognition, and they shouldn’t hesitate to let customers know. Look for a shop that’s been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, commonly shortened to ASE. Also, look for approval from organizations like AAA and the Better Business Bureau. 2. Word of mouth. Maybe you aren’t willing to trust what the guy in the auto repair shop is telling you, but satisfied custom ... read more

Getting Around While Your Car’s in the Shop

Many drivers avoid auto repair projects. They might think it’s too expensive. They might also wonder how they’ll get around while their car is being worked on. These are valid concerns. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t prevent you from making certain that your car gets the auto repair it needs. The consequences of ignoring necessary auto repair means a lot more expense and hassle down the road. Avoiding Auto Repair Can Be Costly in the Long Run Think of it this way. You know your car is due for a tune up, but you always seem to be too busy to get your car to the auto repair shop. You keep putting it off, thinking next week will be better. Eventually, that routine tune up that might have caught a problem before it really got started is a year overdue. That’s when your engine blows up and leaves you stranded on the side of the road. The end result is a hefty repair bill and lots ... read more

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