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Shopping for a car?

Wowza! No wonder more and more people are looking to buy used vehicles rather than brand new. Well if you’re one of those people, you’re in luck. We’ve recently teamed up with Chuck Morton of The Auto Resource Group to be able to offer our customers a better option in car-buying. It’s no secret that there’s a negative stigma surrounding dealerships, and it’s no secret why- high pressure sales and bad deals. Sallas Auto Sales & The Auto Resource Group have devised the answer to that problem- don’t carry a big inventory, rather shop for exactly what the customer is looking for! Yep, you heard that right! Chuck Morton will become your personal car shopper! Tell him what you’re looking for, be it a Honda, a minivan, something with good gas mileage, something dark blue, then tell him what you have to spend. Chuck will then go out & scour the market just for you. Need financing? No problem! Not sure what’s available in your budget? He can help! Have a trade-in? Great! We also ... read more

Get an Independent Inspection before buying a Used Car

Save Time and Money with a Second Opinion In the medical world, it’s usually smart to get a second, and sometimes even third, opinion when seeking medical care. The same principle goes when buying a used car: don’t just take the seller’s (or dealer’s word for it.) Get a second opinion … or in this case, an outside inspection. You can use any reputable auto repair shop for your inspection. Of course we hope you will choose Sallas Auto. Sallas Auto Repair’s Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspections While it may seem simple, we wanted to remind all drivers and used-car purchasers that it’s very wise, and recommended, that you get a second opinion when it comes to vehicle inspections. OF COURSE the seller is going to tell you that the car has no problems and passes inspection. OF COURSE the dealer is going to let you know that their mechanics checked out the vehicle and found no problems. But just like the waiter will recommend the high-dollar special to you, eve ... read more

The Selling vs. Trading Cars Guide

Is it time for a new vehicle? In an economy full of high gas prices, yet low housing prices, it’s hard to know where your car fits into the picture. If you’re looking to switch vehicles this spring, here’s our guide to trading vs. selling your vehicles. In almost all cases, you will get more money for your used vehicle if you sell it yourself. However, it can be easier and even smarter to go ahead and trade it in. Below are the recommendations from Sallas Auto Repair owner, Nick Sallas, on how to determine what to do with your used vehicle. The Selling Your Car Guide Selling your car yourself will probably make you the most money off of your used car. Before you advertise your vehicle for sale, you’ll need to “stage” your car, just like you would “stage” a house before putting it on the marketing. Take it to get professionally detailed, waxed, and cleaned. Just like a house, don’t try to sell a personal car with personal items. Remove all papers, pens, loose change, car seats, bags ... read more

Spring Cleaning for your Car

As you start fluffing the pillows and dusting the mattresses, spring cleaning is officially here! As you make your way into your garage and look at your dirty, winter-worn vehicle, here are a few ideas on cleaning your car this spring. 1. Wash Your Car. Make sure to get all of the road grime off of your car, and especially wash the salt off of your vehicle. 2. Wax your Car. It’s important to not only wash your car, but to wax it this spring, too. The wax will help you get even more rocks off, and protect your car from fading as summer’s UV rays start to make their appearance. 3. Vacuum out your Car. Not only will vacuuming your rugs and other car upholstery give it that nice, clean smell we all love in Spring, but it will also help you keep your resale value high. 4. Spring Getaways. If you plan to take a getaway this spring, have your car inspected by Sallas Auto. Our 52-point inspection will take a look at ea ... read more

When Is The Right Time to Sell My Car?

Is it time to sell your car? Are you sure? How do you know when the time is right to part with your automobile? There are a few factors to keep in mind to help you decide if it’s time. -Are maintenance bills starting to add up? Sometimes fixing an issue can be the equivalent (or more) of a monthly car payment so if it’s happening frequently it may be time. -How much is your car worth? Your car loses almost half of its value just in the first three years of ownership. At that point you may lose more in a trade-in than you might save by buying a car that gets better mileage. It may pay off more if you keep it around for five years. -How much do you owe? If you owe more on your car than it’s worth that’s called being “upside down”. That could be a real drag if you try and trade it in. Your best bet is to hold on a little longer or try to refinance. -Where do you live? Understanding the market you live in c ... read more

Car Safety: Priority #1 When Car Shopping

Car safety should be one of the major priorities for anyone who is in the market for a family car. If you are in the market for a new car purchase, car safety should be a huge consideration. At Sallas Auto Repair, we care about you and have provided you with some tips for picking a vehicle that meets your family’s car safety needs. Space For parents shopping for family cars, a vehicle in question should meet a couple of essential car safety factors before it passes your test. The first item on your car safety checklist should be the available car space. Examine the car’s leg room and the trunk space. A large aspect of car safety is having adequate space to accommodate the driver and passengers. A family of three has different space requirements than a family of seven, so make sure to consider your family’s space needs. As a rule of thumb, if your family has to squeeze into a car, the vehicle isn’t the right c ... read more

Tips: Best Cars to Buy for Graduates

Parents, do you want to know what the best cars to buy for your graduate are? If you want to truly give your child something special, do your research and find a vehicle that is best suited for their needs. To help move along the car-buying process, we have created some helpful guidelines to consider when buying a car and have included a short list of some of the best cars to buy on the market. What Are the Best Cars to Buy for Grads? As a parent, it is important to take into consideration a few safety factors that will impact your graduate’s driving experience. When it comes to the safety of your child, you do not want to take any risks. A safe car is one of the best cars to buy for your graduate, so make sure to take note of the following things: 1. Teens are accident-prone. According to government officials, they are nine times more susceptible to crash than middle-aged men. The cause ... read more

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