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Protecting Your Valuables During The Holidays

The holidays can be kind of a blur, running from store to store, party to party and finding all those hidden presents before March. It’s easy to become distracted and lose focus. This is not the time to fall victim to thieves who prey on holiday shoppers as they pile up presents like Santa’s sleigh. Every year shoppers fall victim to smash and grab thieves in parking lots or even in their own driveways. As we try and fit all of our holiday chores into smaller and smaller bits of time we may become lazy and simply leave our purchases in plain site. Law enforcement officers have safety tips each year to protect your valuables and yourself. Don’t leave valuables in your car such as: Purses and wallets Laptop bags, briefcases and backpacks Shopping bags Cell phones, MP3 players, navigation systems and other small electronics Loose change and CDs Keys Mail with identifying information Receipts If y ... read more

Protecting the valuables inside your car

It’s not only important that you protect your car, but also that you protect your valuable contents that are kept inside the car. When it comes to the idea of being robbed, too many people fall back on thinking that those things only happen to other people. At least that’s what they think until it finally happens to them. Having your car broken into can result in loss from theft of property to physical damage to the vehicle itself. Don’t wait until you become a victim of theft to start taking action to protect yourself. These easy to follow car safety tips will help you to protect not only your car but also your personal belongings. How to protect the valuables inside your car Always Lock Your Car This might seem like common sense but you would be surprised at how often items are stolen from vehicles where the thief didn’t actually break into the car, they merely opened the door. Make it a habit to always lock your car when you get out of it, even if it’s only for a minute. A thief ... read more

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