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What To Do If You’re In A Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day. As long as people will be driving, there will always be accidents on the road. While nobody enjoys thinking about, much less planning for, a car accident – it’s important to know what to do in the event you find yourself in the unfortunate situation. If you’re in accident, it’s important to stay calm and communicate with the other party (parties) involved. Make sure to contact the cops in order to report the accident, and try to locate witnesses. This will all help you make the process go smoother. If someone is hurt, ask them to stay put until the paramedics arrive. As you begin to work out the details with the other driver, regardless of who’s fault it was, try to avoid playing the “blame game,” and get down to the basics. Use our Accident Log Sheet to get the needed information such as the other driver’s license numbers, name, address, insurance agent, and other information. It’s also a good idea to get the police officer’s information, and to write ... read more

Don’t Text and Drive

Although Missouri and Kansas ban texting only for novice drivers, texting while driving should not be done by ANY drivers. One of the most dangerous practices while driving, texting has become a serious safety concern for drivers today. Texting is the art of sending a short, 160-character message to another cell phone user without having to call. To send a text, you have to select who is the message recipient and then type in the message. Texting is simple while sitting at home, lounging in bed, or even riding in the back seat. However, when a driver decides to text, he takes his eyes off of the road for several seconds, putting himself at a high safety risk of an accident. According to the Texting While Driving blog, 30 states have banned texting, and several others have restrictions on texting and cell phone use while operating a vehicle. Texting is one of today’s drivers most common distractions, ranking up there with answering phone calls, multi-tasking and listening to loud musi ... read more

Car Care Tip #9 – Car Crash Facts – Find the Center Lane & Slow Down!

Driving is even more demanding these days… Here are some driving facts & tips to keep you safe: Rural Roads are the Most Dangerous Slow Down – Speed is a Big Part of that Problem First…facts on deadly crashes: 39% of deadly crashes involve speed. 31% of deadly crashes involve alcohol impaired drivers 60% of them take place on rural roads – two lane roads outside the city limits. 24% of crashes are weather related. 88% of deadly crashes involve a driver age 21 and over – so only 12% involve teenager drivers. 60% of Deadly Car Crashes Happen on Rural Roads Second…Driving Tips: Stick to the center lane on the freeways. Rear-end crashes happen less there than ... read more

Car Care Tip #10 – The Most Dangerous Roads.

There are special problems with driving on rural highways for long periods of time. Be aware of what is known as “highway hypnosis”. This is driving in a drowsy, dulled, trance-like state. To avoid falling asleep behind the wheel take frequent breaks – stop if you begin to feel tired – it will recharge you. Velocitation is caused by driving for long periods at high speeds. When you do reduce your speed you think the car is going much slower than it actually is and you end up speeding. Highway Hypnosis makes for Sleepy Drivers Unmarked farm roads and driveways can be hidden by trees or bushes or crops. These roads are traveled by farmers and ranchers driving from one field to the next and are not in hurry to get there. Some may be driving large tractors at a much slower speed than you. There are always more BLIND CORNERS on rural roads – just no way around that one ... read more

The Worst Foods For Eating And Driving

I’m writing this as I’m driving and eating a doughnut so forgive me if I masspell something. Pardon me, I have a text. BRB. If you’re driving anywhere near me you’re probably in some serious danger. Distracted driving makes up something like 80% of the car crashes in the US. And eating is just as distracting as texting and so is writing a blog about distracted driving while driving. And while we could probably get away with chewing gum while driving an article on has a list of the most dangerous foods you can consume behind the wheel. The top 10 food offenders are: Coffee: Big surprise, not only does it always spill, always, it’s also hot so when it lands on your lap you land in the wrong lane. Hot soup: Soup? Really? Who does this? Tacos: Few things are funnier than a girl in a car at a stoplight trying to eat a taco. Chili: Again, really? Hamburgers: This should really be n ... read more

Ambiguities of Texting-While-Driving Laws

Drivers, take heed! In recent years, Kansas and Missouri have cracked down on texting-while-driving laws. However, in spite of increased ticketing for this offense, it seems there is still some ambiguity about the specifics of the laws. At Sallas Auto Repair, we are dedicated to keeping you safe and ticket-free. Because of our commitment to you, we’ve done some research and will set the record straight. Kansas Kansas drivers, especially those in the Prairie Village area, need to take extra caution on the road. A KMBC article reported that, “Prairie Village police wrote more texting-while-driving tickets than any other city in the metropolitan area last year.” Kansas law states that it is illegal for drivers to text while driving ANYWHERE on the road. This law seems pretty straightforward, but there has still been some confusion. Kansas traffic officials explained that many people believe it is l ... read more

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